It’s not surprising that a strong interview is a determining factor in securing a position for your favorite job. The more you are prepared for it, the more confident you will be. To ensure you put your best foot forward and get placed on the job of your dreams, we have compiled some of the essential do’s and don’ts when facing the interview. So here are our top picks-


Be prepared and do your homework.

It’s always important to be prepared in the interview process. Research the company about the job opening and the skills required. Look at their website and review their news section to keep yourself updated.

Make a good impression.

If you have a face-to-face interview, you can plan a trial run if you are not familiar with the location. It is always good to arrive early for the interview. Bring your CV and all the necessary documents. Also, if you have a video interview, then in order to minimize the technical issues test your video tool the day before the interview. 

Listen and respond to the questions carefully.

Many often, it has been observed that the candidates did not answer the question in a clear manner. So, don’t run circles around the question; listen and answer carefully while using examples from your experience.

Prepare smartly

Sell your strengths and expertise. Make sure that you are communicating your strengths effectively in a concise and sincere manner.

Be Confident

Ease your nerves and act calmly. Employers don’t want to hire someone who is easily shaken. They would definitely want to work with confident people who can get things done right. Practice your responses before you face the interview.


Don’t speak poorly

This is a big red flag to anyone interviewing the candidate. If you don’t speak properly, then the interviewer will assume you are not aware or haven’t understood properly.

Don’t share any false information.

Answer all the questions truthfully and to the point as much as possible. Explain and describe yourself, your experience and related to the position offered in a descriptive manner. If you’re being questioned in an area that is not your strength, then be honest with the interviewer and let them know that you are willing to learn in the field.

Don’t speak over the interviewer.

It’s always important to be a good listener as well as a good communicator. It reflects your overall personality and interpersonal skills. There could be a slight time delay when you have a video conferencing call, so don’t rush to answer the question. Wait for the interviewer to finish speaking.

Don’t assume

Regardless of what stage you are being interviewed- it may be over coffee or a final chat- it’s still utilized as an opportunity to assess your personality. Don’t assume in advance that you are already selected.

Don’t talk negatively about your previous employers.

Many job seekers appear for the interview, thinking that it’s okay to talk negatively about former employees. Speaking ill of your previous boss or company reflects your negative personality. The hiring manager wants to see good and positive in you and would think twice about hiring negative candidates.

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