With changing technology, the new Internet, also known as the decentralized web, blockchain-based Internet, Web 3 has become quite popular. Professionals from several fields seem interested in learning how to land a job in Web 3. Presently, there is a lot of buzz amongst young aspirants about Web 3. So to help you, we will briefly discuss the potential of Web 3, its job prospects, and how to prepare for it.

What is Web3?

Web3 relies on decentralized apps that let everyone participate without allowing them to monetize their personal data and information. It is verifiable, self-governing, and features natively built-in payments. Due to its reliance on several networks and services, it differs significantly from Web 2.0.

As per recent studies, an estimated number of people on the Internet spend at least an hour on metaverse for several tasks related to work, education, shopping, socializing, etc. Blockchain enables new business models and value changes. The increasing use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has paved the way for the long-term Web 3 ecosystem.

Blockchain is a hot topic, and the industry has a crazy amount of demand for developers. If you wish to be part of this industry and enhance your career to become a Web 3 developer, then a structured approach can help you. Let’s give you a roadmap that can lead you toward your goal.


You should be aware of JavaScript and web development. If you don’t understand this topic, then you should step back and learn about web development. Several excellent tutorials are available, and you can undertake the courses to understand them.

Learn the basics of blockchain

Blockchain is an incredible technology, but it is also hard to learn. Therefore, you should put some time into it to understand what you can build later.

Learn About Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts help program the blockchain. These are the codes deployed to the chain, written in a specific language that blockchain nodes can execute. They can nearly do everything, from fungible and nonfungible tokens to the backend of your next decentralized apps. They make up a good portion of your future tasks; therefore, you should understand them well.

Develop an understanding on how to interface with blockchain

Decentralized apps consist of the front end and smart contracts executed on the blockchain. You need an interface for the front end to talk to the blockchain. This is where libraries help. These are popular choices for interacting with the blockchain. You should learn them well; they are one of the important tools.

Learn Solidity

Solidity is the language of Ethereum VM that is integrated into many other blockchains. It helps you build smart contracts on other chains. The job market presently for Solidity developers is the largest, and many businesses build and want to build on Ethereum. If you’re going to work in this field, you need to learn to optimize the code. It will be a part of your job and a huge part of some interviews because thorough optimization can save billions of dollars each year.

Build an attractive portfolio

A portfolio can help in your job search. If you wish to work in this field, you need to build. To help you give a rough idea, your project should contain the following-

  • Frontend
  • Smart contract
  • Solidity code optimizations
  • Unit tests
  • A local test network setup
  • E2E tests that test the contract
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous staging deployment

Apply for the job

You can begin your job search with new knowledge and an attractive portfolio. Don’t get demotivated when it takes time, especially when you don’t hold enough industry experience.

Need help?

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