The tech industry is looking to the future as flexible work is being forced upon knowledge workers like never before. In the wake of the pandemic, many leaders are exploring what flexible work will entail.

The move is seen as a positive step, as it will provide IT talent acquisition experts with the opportunity to work outside major cities. This will also make positions more accessible to individuals with limited mobility, caregiving responsibilities, and other potential barriers that may hinder their participation in traditional office life.

There is no surprise then that 96% of all tech employees believe that a flexible work schedule will become a reality. There is no doubt that there is a need for such a plan, but what exactly does it look like, and how can we remove potential obstacles and obstacles?

Well, with having the swiss IT recruitment agency at your disposal, you can hire the top talents that can adapt to flexible working without hindering the workflow.

Company Culture

Creating team comradery while working flexibly is quite challenging, as many of us have found out. 62% of people who do not want to work from home cite this as their number one concern.

A company’s culture can be fostered, and the team can unite from a distance, but it takes more effort. While social gatherings will remain virtual for the time being, we expect in-person gatherings to become more frequent. For employees, one option would be to have them commute once or twice a month, followed by an outing as a team each month. It is essential to be aware that there will be many methods of doing this, so it is necessary to find out what will be most effective for your team, especially if some members decide to live far away from the office.

The importance of trust will grow with the spread of flexible teams. Leadership must trust employees to perform well with less direct supervision and interaction. Similarly, employees must trust their managers to provide the support they need, regardless of location.

Achieving Balance

In the survey of tech professionals who want to work flexibly, 86% cite work-life balance as the leading factor. Even though working from home provides a certain degree of freedom, it does lead to an erosion of the line between work and life. Work and rest take up the same space, efficiently working around the clock.

In the tech industry, this means that those who are not careful will experience fatigue and burnout if they do not set up barriers—setting up virtual and personal obstacles when possible is necessary to accomplish this. If flexible work becomes more common, this will be paramount, whether it looks like a dedicated workspace or scheduling time for a walk.

The result could be extended weekends and flexible hours. Industry leaders have been discussing the possibility of allowing employees to set their working hours and shortening the workweek for some time.

Flexible Work Means a More Loyal Staff

Flexible work arrangements aren’t just helpful in hiring and retaining tech workers; they will likely deliver better. In the Gartner 2021 Digital Worker Experience Survey, 43% of respondents said they were more productive when they were flexible with working times, and 30% said they were more effective when they were not spending time commuting.

With comprehensive benefits including Earkick offers flexible work at the end of the flexible work spectrum, offering the following:

  • Keeping meetings to a minimum.
  • When it’s convenient for you, work.
  • Unlimited work from home is available to you.
  • Vacations are unlimited – plus $3,000 for taking two weeks off consecutively (to avoid overworking).


Believe it or not, a flexible working environment is excellent for motivating your employees to be more focused. On the other side, it also tests the employees’ dedication to the work.

If you are concerned about your current employees being able to adapt to the flexible working environment, then don’t get stressed out.

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