Companies worldwide are investing millions of dollars to stay ahead in the game of technology. Several finance, supply chain, technology, retail, and consulting organizations are aggressively adopting blockchain technology. And for the same, they are looking for blockchain talent having expertise in python, solidity, and other relevant languages.

Whenever there is a new technology, there are tech hiring challenges, and with Blockchain, it’s the same. Finding the right blockchain developers with the right knowledge poses a big challenge for employers across the globe. To help you further, we would like to highlight the existing challenges, strategies that should be deployed, and solutions for the same.

Skills that should be considered while hiring Blockchain Developers

When companies are implementing blockchain technologies, they need a team of skilled members. There are a few required skills that must be taken into consideration during the hiring process-

  • Comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology.
  • Knowledge of cryptocurrency and security principles.
  • Awareness of distributed systems and peer-to-peer networking.
  • Skills in one or two high-level programming languages.
  • Experience in Smart contracts.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

One of the biggest challenges institutions face today in entering digital assets is the shortage of skilled workers. With more and more companies entering this space, hiring the right people will continue to pose a challenge.

Why is there a scarcity of Blockchain Talent?

Bitcoin was conceptualized 14 years ago. Given that in the early years, the crypto space was given minimal priority, only valid for illicit commerce. Also, the number of people who eventually moved to develop their understanding of Blockchain and digital assets needed to be bigger. A significant chunk of early adopters were developers. As a result, there was no specific pipeline for blockchain talent, so the training programs were also minimal.

Evaluating Blockchain talent

This is another challenge the companies face today as recruiters and hiring managers are unaware of what to look for due to their lack of experience. When you hire a blockchain analyst who doesn’t understand the data’s intricacies, you may not even know what to ask for.

How to find the right blockchain talent?

There are considerable hiring challenges in Blockchain, but there are solutions too. And it starts with research-

  • To get the best talent, companies must start looking out at the right places by getting in touch with the right recruitment platform that is efficient in hiring for Blockchain and other technologies.
  • Companies must offer crypto remote jobs in Europe or flexible working hours as it will likely attract more talent.
  • Companies interested in expanding their talent pool must consider partnering with local underestimate training schools to help develop blockchain skills.

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